We started with a 4 door sedan, a "Shark Nose Graham".  We restyled and re-engineered it with over 200 modifications.  Absolutely every part of this car has been modified, remade, or created for this car, except for two pieces: the headlight lens.  We hope that you enjoy the car. 


Click on these links to look see the creation of the SHARK:


SHARK Build Book - Part 1

SHARK Build Book - Part 2


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Build Sheet for the SHARK


Modifications include:


  1. Coupe Top Creation
    • Eliminated running boards
    • Removed 26” from the roof
    • Eliminated the bustle trunk
    • Eliminated the rear doors and the C pillar
    • Built new rockers
    • Built redesigned B pillars with expanded support structure
    • Channeled the car 4 inches
    • Eliminated original drip rail
    • Added a faux drip rail with a newly created reveal
    • Frenched modified tail lights into reveal
  2. Doors
    • Eliminated rear doors
    • Extended front doors 4 inches in length
    • Converted to suicide doors and hinges
    • Rebuilt A pillar to accommodate suicide door latches
    • Grafted, reshaped, and laid back the doors
    • Add to and shaped the lower doors to roll under the rockers
    • Added depth to the doors for a flush fit inside for interior work
    • Power windows
    • Shaved doors and electric popper/lock
    • Electrical wiring hidden in the hinge system
  3. Deck Lid
    • Eliminated bustle trunk
    • Created a custom deck lid
    • One-off hinges
    • One-off hinge operated actuator system
    • One-off latch-less latching system
  4. Rear Fenders
    • Eliminated fender skirts
    • Shortened the lower portion of fenders due to running board elimination
    • Scalloped the rear openings
    • Added 2” of height above mid fender to accommodate larger wheels and tires
    • Boxed in fenders for strength and elimination of inner fender braces
    • Welded fenders to body
  5. Quarter Panels
    • One-off panels made for the restyled coupe
  6. Rear Pan
    • One-off fade away rear pan created
    • Incorporates open exhaust ports
  7. Tubs
    • Tubs were widened and heightened to accommodate new wheels and tires
  8. Front Fenders
    • Shortened to reflect running board deletion
    • Scalloped back of the wheel opening – matches rear fender
    • Welded vertical fender seam below the head lights
    • Boxed the rear of the fender to for support and appearance
    • Re-styled the inner fender to blend with the new engine compartment
    • Boxed the face of the fender with an access panel for the headlights
  9. Frame
    • One-off custom made boxed frame – in house
  10. Suspension System and Differential
    • Custom IFS – Power Rack & Pinion
    • Power Brakes with 13” silver Drill/Slotted Rotors with 6 Piston Calipers
    • Under dash 90 degree Brake Booster and Master Brake Cylinder
    • Custom 9” IRS
      • Differential - Posi with 3.70 gears
      • Drill/Slotted Rotors
  11. Exhaust
    • One-off polished SS system with custom mufflers
    • One-off exhaust tips
    • Hidden couplers
  12. Body Mounts
    • Sculpted body mounts
  13. Floors
    • Handmade floors for cab and trunk
    • Handmade transmission tunnel
  14. Cowl and Firewall
    • Recessed, scalloped, and styled to a peak
    • Reinforced cowl sides to accommodate hood mounts
    • Ports to accommodate A/C hoses, hidden brake lines, and electrical tunnels in cowl side walls
    • Hidden ports in firewall for engine harness and plug wires running from hidden coil packs
    • Hidden port for fuel lines
  15. Radiator and Core Support
    • One-off aluminum radiator with electric fan and transmission cooler
    • One-off support mounts replicate body mount styling
  16. Hood Side Panels and Inner Fender Panels
    • Creation of a restyled engine bay coordinated with cowl and firewall redesign to create continuous eye travel around the engine bay
      • Inner fenders flush with fire wall recession
      • Swooping inside ledge along hood sides
      • A/C hoses disappear into right hood side
      • Hidden brake lines and electrical tunnels hidden in hood sides
    • External Hood sides rounded to match bulbous features of the front fenders
    • Radiator Overflow mounts and tank added
  17. Front Pan
    • Replaced pan 16 vertical slots with 6 mirror imaged double louvers
    • Boxed pan for strength and house electronics, horn, and A/C components
    • Welded pan to front fenders
  18. Hood
    • Restyled – eliminated original horizontal grille bars
    • Pancaked hood
    • Re-engineered inner support structure
    • Modified original hood mounting system
    • One-off prop rod
  19. Shark Nose Job
    • Deleted original grille
    • Redesigned one-off aluminum grille and mast head trim
      • Reshaped vertical center bar from straight to curve
      • Retained original concept with 3 main horizontal bars
      • Replaced 9 small horizontal bars with 21 narrower bars
      • Deleted original masthead and replaced it with a continuous flow trim piece ending at a point at the cowl
  20. Head Lights and Bezels – Re-engineered
    • Retained original glass
    • Modified buckets to accommodate 12V system with hidden directional lights and a modern halogen headlights
    • Eliminated original 6 piece headlight bezels with redesigned one piece bezels
      • Bezels mirror the bulbous roll of the fenders and the hood sides
      • Bezels were frenched into the fenders
  21. Exterior Trim
    • Discarded original trim and redesigned new aluminum trim congruent with the redesigned grille, mast head, and belt line.
  22. Tail Lights and Third Brake Light
    • Original tail lights were retained, but modified
      • Reveal added to car to augment the art deco design and to enable the tail lights to be frenched into the reveal
      • Inside fascia was shortened and thinned
      • Reengineered bulb access by eliminating the screw on the cover plate
      • Converted the bulbs to 12 volts
      • Original glass retained and polished
    • One-off third brake light created to match trim and design of the car
      • Lens and base was created using 3D printing
  23. Wheels and Tires
    • One-off 18” wheels – chromed – with Shark logo in center caps
    • Alternating spokes
    • Bridgestone Potenza tires
  24. Engine and Transmission
    • Dart Aluminum Big Block Chevy 540 – Polished
    • Atomic EFI
    • Hidden Distributor
    • Temperature sending unit relocated to a frost plug
    • Chrome valve covers, intake, and oil pan
    • Chrome serpentine system
    • Polished stainless steel ram headers
    • Hidden breather system
    • Power Steering pump and overflow tank
    • A/C System
    • 700 R4 Transmission
    • Polished aluminum drive shaft
    • Lokar shifter with one-off shifter knob
  25. Air Cleaner
    • One-off air cleaner designed to capture the fenders and hood of the car
  26. Inside Cab
    • Handmade firewall
    • Bucket seats
    • One-off battery hold down
    • One-off Stainless Steel gas tank with built in electronic pump
  27. Hidden Internals
    • Wiring beveled into suicide hinges
    • A/C venting through waterfall
    • A/C lines disappear into hood side
    • Distributor coil pack under dash running through firewall
    • Front electrical lines run through cowl and hood sides
    • Blue tooth music system under passenger seat; speakers behind interior paneling
    • Brake lines through cab and hood side panels
    • 12 volt system
    • Cell phone system (and fob) access for:
      • Remote Start
      • Door Open/Close
      • Trunk Open/Close
      • Windows Open/Close
      • GPS Tracking
      • Remote battery disconnect
      • Blue-tooth hidden music system
    • Hidden access to Center Console control panel
  28. Steering Wheel
    • One-off steering wheel with working horn button
    • Pre-69 GM column
  29. Dash and Gauges
    • Heavily modified 1937 Lincoln-Zephyr dash and 1938 waterfall
      • Eliminated glove boxes
      • Eliminated ash trays
      • Added one-off steering column bracket
      • Waterfall was widened 3/8”
      • Waterfall was shortened 3 inches
      • Waterfall radio speaker cage converted to A/C vent for both driver and passenger
    • 1937 Gauges restyled with tachometer built into the Speedo gauge
    • One-off goose neck rearview mirror bracket with a 1940 Packard mirror
    • One-off knobs
    • One off dash trim
  30. Interior - Customized Art Deco Theme
    • Custom front leather bucket seats with ‘37 Zephyr tucks
    • Deleted back seats
    • Custom console
      • Actuator driven access to center console control panel
      • Hidden access to open/close the actuator
    • One-off package tray
    • Aluminum , leather covered headliner
    • Resized garnish moldings
    • One off interior trim
    • Under dash closed off
    • Rear firewall panel
    • Unique door panels reflecting fender styling of the car
    • One-off tear drop shifter boot ring
    • Hidden music system
    • Trunk
      • Hidden gas tank port – actuator driven
      • One-off hinge driven actuator system for opening and closing the deck lid
      • Hidden fuse panels
      • Styled aluminum trunk panels covered in leather